Notice, November 23rd, 2017: A happy Thanksgiving to my readers. Neither I nor this site are defunct; I’m just eyebrow-deep in Business Law, Tax Law, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law right now.

The Criminal Law material on accomplice liability and conspiracy is particularly interesting; now, when I watch serials again, I’m going to be watching for the point at which the brains heavy and action heavy become guilty of conspiracy (you have to first agree to commit a crime, then one of you has to take an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy–that can be something as slight as, in a serial context, buying hand grenades to toss at any Mounties or G-men that might get in your way when you’re carrying out the object of the conspiracy).

I’ve made a few minor updates to the Serial Video Directory, adding the Kino Captain Marvel release and some new Serial Squadron offerings (Perils of Nyoka, the two Rex Bennett serials, King of the Texas Rangers).

Any further updates will have to wait till the Christmas vacation.