Serial Stars Elsewhere–C. Montague Shaw in Shakespearean Repertory

While using the Australian newspaper archive site Trove to research Rusty Wescoatt’s Australian wrestling tour, I realized that the site would also be a logical resource to retrieve additional information on Australia’s own C. Montague Shaw.  A search on Shaw’s real name of Charles Montague Discombe Sparrow produced several interesting clippings pertaining to Shaw’s years as a Shakespearean actor. Continue reading

Serial Stars Elsewhere–Rusty Wescoatt on the Athletic Field

While researching my recent Rusty Wescoatt biography, I turned up an enormous amount of press clippings concerning Rusty’s wrestling days, as well as his football and swimming exploits, through both (subscription,, or Facebook account required for full access), and the free Australian newspaper archive site Trove.  I thought I would share some of these through the Elsewhere series. Continue reading

Serial Stars Elsewhere–Charles Quigley Family Reminiscences

(Like the Frank Shannon piece below, this was originally attached to the subject actor’s bio page).

Charles N. Quigley, son of serial star Charles Quigley, has kindly permitted me to reproduce here several reminiscences concerning his father’s acting career–reminiscences which he originally sent to me via e-mail, and which are too interesting not to share with other serial buffs. All that follows, save my interjections and comments in bold type, are Mr. Quigley’s own words. Continue reading

Serial Stars Elsewhere–Frank Shannon on Stage

I had previously attached these press clippings from Frank Shannon’s distinguished pre-Dr. Zarkov stage career to the biography page on Shannon.  I am starting a new series of blog posts concerning the non-serial activities of serial actors, and figured it would make sense to use these for the inaugural offering; perhaps they will be new to some readers. Continue reading