Serial DVD News–The Return of Hermitage Hill

Hermitage Hill, which put out some excellent serial DVDs back in the day, but which has been out of action for several years, has returned with a new DVD  of The Hurricane Express, the best of John Wayne’s three Mascot serials, from a new 2k film transfer.  The link is below:

Hermitage Hill has also made their DVD of Don Winslow of the Navy available again; this is easily the best print of this serial out there:

Here is Hermitage Hill’s revived home page, as well:

8 thoughts on “Serial DVD News–The Return of Hermitage Hill

  1. Good news. Hopefully they will re-release all their high-quality out-of-print serial dvds plus more new ones in the near future.

  2. It’s good to see Hermitage Hill back in business again. I suppose I’m in the minority on this, but, despite what Jerry says about Hurricane Express, I consider it the worst of the John Wayne Trilogy. I just finished watching them again and would rate Three Musketeers first, Shadow of the Eagle second and Hurricane Express last. (I’ve always enjoyed that catchy song from Three Musketeers but could never understand all of the lyrics!)

    • I have to agree with JB99 on HURRICANE EXPRESS being the best of the three Wayne serials. Not only that, I rank it as one of the top three Mascots. My only complaint on THE THREE MUSKETEERS is that most of the cliffhanger are very abrupt and weak.

  3. Hermitage Hill definitely put out a fine product in the past, so their return to the serial DVD business will hopefully mean more great offerings of similar quality. It’s always great to have some new updates to your site. Hope work and life in general are going well.

  4. Has there ever been any effort made to release The Mysterious Pilot? It may not be a high-watermark of serials, but nothing’s as deadly slow as ‘Who’s Guilty?’, which could have been either ‘Who Cares?’
    or ‘Abbot and Costello’s Revenge.’

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