Serial Stars Elsewhere–John Davidson and the Arts

Thanks to the researches of James Swan, I’ve been able to update my John Davidson biography with a wealth of new detail.  Some of the news clippings turned up by Mr. Swan, relating to Davidson’s non-serial activities, warrant a post of their own.

First, an October 1925 Philadelphia Inquirer piece, which indicates that Davidson was not only a friend of the famed English novelist and playwright Somerset Maugham, but also that Maugham planned to develop a stage vehicle specifically for Davidson.  As far as I know, this play never made it to production–but if I am wrong about this, please feel free to correct me in the comment section.

Next, two Los Angeles Times articles, one from 1934 and one from 1938, referring to Davidson’s second career as a painter:

Finally, I managed to locate an image of one of Davidson’s abstract paintings, “Movement in Space,” from 1932.  Somehow I think that Davidson’s Emperor of Mars in The Purple Monster Strikes may have had this in his imperial act collection:

One thought on “Serial Stars Elsewhere–John Davidson and the Arts

  1. What firm has the best copy of The Spider’s Web? Just got Serial Squadron’s and the sound is terrbible! I see The Nostalgia Merchant has it too????

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