VCI Voting–the Next Serial Release is….

(Note: This is a repeat post–an economy chapter, if you will–but when I updated the Home post today, I wanted to preserve it for future reference)

VCI president Robert Blair, via Tom Weaver, is soliciting serial-fan input in prioritizing the release schedule of VCI’s Universal serial restorations, on this thread.

I strongly recommend following the link and reading Tom’s entire post, but if you don’t, the gist of Tom’s message from Mr. Blair is, first, that Gordon of Ghost City and The Phantom Rider are the next to be released, The Phantom Creeps is being worked on, and Pirate Treasure and Phantom of the Air are next in line. Second, in order to have the future release schedule better line up with fans’ preferences, Mr. Blair would like to receive fans’ top six picks from the following list:

Adventures of Frank Merriwell
Adventures of the Flying Cadets
The Call of the Savage
Flaming Frontiers
Gang Busters
Great Alaskan Mystery
The Green Hornet
The Green Hornet Strikes Again
Junior G-Men
The Master Key
Mystery of the River Boat
The Oregon Trail
Overland Mail
The Perils of Pauline
Riders of Death Valley
The Royal Mounted Rides Again
The Rustlers of Red Dog
The Scarlet Horseman
Scouts to the Rescue
Sea Raiders
Secret Agent X-9 (1937)
Secret Agent X-9 (1945)
Sky Raiders
Wild West Days
Winners of the West

Speaking for myself, the two entries here that I think should be topping everyone’s list are Gang Busters--Universal’s best 1940s serial, never available in a print that does justice to its above-average cinematography–and Wild West Days–a great Johnny Mack Brown Western serial that’s never had a commercial DVD release.  Don’t let me influence you, though–mail whatever list of six you prefer to


8 thoughts on “VCI Voting–the Next Serial Release is….

  1. If this is a repeat post somehow I missed the original post so I just e-mailed my list to Bob Blair. I was disappointed that none of the “lost” serials were given as choices. I have seen no information about whether or not VCI has decided to work on any of them for future releases. This list of choices seems to indicate that the “lost” serials will sadly remain lost.

      • Robert Blair just replied to my list of 6 serials in which I also asked about the “lost” serials. He says he is still trying to get them but Universal had a change in management and VCI isn’t getting cooperation like before.

      • Hi Jerry!
        My favs are Captain Marvel, The Phantrom, Daredevils of the Red Circle, and any of the numerous Republic cliffhangers!

  2. Except for a couple of titles I was very disappointed when I saw the list. The versions that I have of most of them are adequate and I won’t be updating. I thought this would be a great opportunity to enjoy a part of serial history that would likely be unique. As for the options available, there are far more interesting films to watch.

  3. When will VCI release GANGBUSTERS — This should have been the first restored and released would have had more support from the public instead of VCI focusing on 3 western serials!

  4. Thank you so much for always keeping us updated. I have been a serial fan all my life and have many on DVD some copies are not so good, I appreciate any new clearer copies. One I’d like to see again is Who’ s Guilty, as I haven’t seen that obscure one in many years.

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