Serial Scrapbook-Entry 4

From the Film Bulletin for January, 1941. Of the three serials announced here, only one–Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.–was ever made. The Fu Manchu sequel would almost certainly have been excellent, but the proposed Robin Hood serial sounds like a truly strange idea, not only because of its unusual chapter lengths but because of the idea of having all-American cowboy Roy Rogers, of all people, play the hero of medieval England. Would the Sons of the Pioneers have played the Merry Men? If Republic was trying to cash in on the success of Warner Brothers’ Errol Flynn Robin Hood film, it would have made more sense for them simply to have used Marten Lamont–who wasn’t as charismatic as Rogers, but who was a very competent actor and was also [1] British; [2] resembled Flynn enough to have served as his stand-in in Warners’ Robin Hood, and [3] had already played roles in Republic’s serials.

3 thoughts on “Serial Scrapbook-Entry 4

  1. Rogers made “Robin Hood of the Pecos” in 1941 but of course it was not a serial. I wonder if Rogers wasn’t considered type-cast as a cowboy in 1941? I agree, Robin Hood would have been an odd role for him.
    Hope all is well, enjoy your posts.

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