Raymond William Stedman R.I.P.



(Originally posted November 25th): I’m very sorry to have to report the passing of Dr. Raymond William Stedman–author of The Serials: Suspense and Drama by Installments, The Movie Serial Companion: Books 1 and 2, founder of the Serial Squadron website, and the father of online serial fandom. He died back in September, but I only managed to learn of his death this week. A scholar and film buff par excellence, and a raconteur full of fascinating stories of his work in the Los Angeles entertainment industry during the 1950s and 1960s, he was both a good friend and an inspiration to me; his publication of the Companion did much to rekindle my interest in serials and spurred me to begin the complete rebuilding of this site. God bless him, and keep him; my condolences to his family.

An online obituary of Bill and his wife Rita, put together by their family and published in the Ocean City Sentinel.

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