December 19, 2014: A merry and blessed Christmas to my readers, and best wishes for the New Year. Due to the holiday season, I might not get around to adding any new reviews for the next week or so, but rest assured the site’s pace will pick up again after Christmas. In the meantime, here’s a Christmas publicity photo of the remarkable star of the Mascot serials The Lone Defender (which will be reviewed here soon) and The Lightning Warrior (which has already been covered on the Files), taken during his days as a major movie star during the 1920s.

Rin Tin Tin Christmas picture
Merry Christmas from the inimitable Rin Tin Tin.

Raymond William Stedman R.I.P.



(Originally posted November 25th): I’m very sorry to have to report the passing of Dr. Raymond William Stedman–author of The Serials: Suspense and Drama by Installments, The Movie Serial Companion: Books 1 and 2, founder of the Serial Squadron website, and the father of online serial fandom. He died back in September, but I only managed to learn of his death this week. A scholar and film buff par excellence, and a raconteur full of fascinating stories of his work in the Los Angeles entertainment industry during the 1950s and 1960s, he was both a good friend and an inspiration to me; his publication of the Companion did much to rekindle my interest in serials and spurred me to begin the complete rebuilding of this site. God bless him, and keep him; my condolences to his family.

An online obituary of Bill and his wife Rita, put together by their family and published in the Ocean City Sentinel.